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Experience ultra-ability today by embracing Yahweh (Jehovah) and Jesus Christ!

Chapel of Compassion

Do you feel alone, confused, or down, and just need someone to hold your hands, to give you a listening ear, to pray for you and with you?

Bible Study

Why are we here? What's the purpose of our existence? Where will we go? Will there be life beyond the grave? Would sickness, poverty, and crime ever end? Is there hope for humankind? How can we have a meaningful relationship with God and fellow humans?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, do you want answers?

Receive accurate answers to these and your other nagging questions about life through a free, personal online Bible study via e-mail.

Did you know that trust and belief in the Bible is not blind faith? The Bible is proven to be:

1) Historically accurate: Archeologists have unearthed evidences of certain people, places, and events described in the Bible, and historians have attested to the Bible's historical accuracy.

2) Scientifically sound: The Bible stated certain scientific facts thousands of years before scientists proved them. No contradiction between Bible accounts and scientific facts exists.

3) Prophetic: Hundreds of prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled exactly as they were foretold hundreds and thousands of years before the events actually took place. Only a handful of prophecies are yet to be fulfilled, and they concern all of humanity.

The ability to accurately prophesy events hundreds and thousands of years in advance is the striking trademark of the Bible, a feature unique only to this book.

Isaiah 13:19-20 accurately prophesied the eternal destruction of Babylon centuries before it happened. What was once the world power lies in ruins to this date, exactly as the Bible foretold. It was something unimaginable when the prophecy was given, because it is like saying that the crowded New York City or Shanghai will be totally uninhabited forever in a month from now. By whom the city would be initially conquered was foretold as well: Persian Emperor Cyrus (Isaiah 45). In addition, the Bible prophesied Cyrus releasing Israelites from Babylonian captivity to rebuild Jerusalem, and it came true (Isaiah 44:28).

Daniel 8:20-23 foretold the reigns of Media-Persia and then Greece, prophesying that four kingdoms would come from the first mighty king, Alexander the Great, after his death, and that those kingdoms wouldn't experience the power that the first king had. This prophecy was given during the reign of Babylon, centuries before Alexander the Great was born. (Also foretold in Daniel 11:3-4.)

Daniel 9:25-26 prophesied the time of Jesus' death and the destruction of the second Jerusalem temple, more than 560 years in advance.

Daniel 11:6-35 foretold dozens of historical events concerning the Ptolemy and Antiochus rule and dynasties.

The book of Nahum foretold the eternal destruction of Nineveh, while the book of Obadiah prophesied the eternal destruction of Edom. All their prophecies came true.

These are just a small portion of Biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled to the letter.

Thus, the Bible is where you'll find accurate and truthful answers to life's colossal questions, questions that most people have asked themselves.

If you want to know the right answers to your questions, then become Bible buddies with Dr. Shirley Cheng. The online Bible study will be done in your own pace, in your style, at the comfort of your home, via e-mail with no financial cost to you. Shirley will answer life or Bible questions you may have, or help you better understand specific Bible passages. See her as your friend/guide/answer lady. She does not belong to any sect or denomination.

Have questions? You deserve the answers. People from all walks of life, of any faith, religion, denomination, age, race, or background are welcome.

Remember, no question about life is ever too small or stupid. "Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. To him who knocks it will be opened." (Matthew 7:7-8, WEB) That's God's promise to you.

Learn the Bible in depth from Genesis to Revelation for free...

Are you interested in obtaining in-depth knowledge of God's Word to help you deepen your understanding of God and His plans and develop a sacred relationship with your Heavenly Father? If so, you are more than welcome to sign up for the In-Depth Ultra-Ability Bible Virtual Class via e-mail.
· The study will progress in your own pace.
· You will work one-on-one with your teacher, Shirley, via e-mail only.
· Your personal Bible-related questions will be answered.
· Although the virtual class has no financial cost, it will require your dedication and diligence. There will be lessons to complete and tests to take for all Bible chapters. All assignments are in short question and answer format. For example, the assignment for Genesis 1 has these questions to answer:
a) Who created the universe, our Earth, and everything on Earth?
b) How many days did the creation of everything on Earth take? Could those days be literal 24-hour days?
c) Humans were created in the "image of God." What do you think this means?
d) When humans were first created, what was their spiritual condition? Were they perfect, or were they sinful? (Hint: read Genesis 1:31)
· The only textbook for this program is the Bible. If you do not have a copy of the Bible, you can read it online for free at
· The class is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any church or ministry.
· You have no obligations; you may pause or stop anytime, though you are strongly encouraged to complete the study.
· You will study the Bible in depth from Genesis to Revelation in order.

Testimonials from Dr. Shirley's Bible students from around the world

Want to sign up for the In-Depth Ultra-Ability Bible Virtual Class and give it a try? Then fill out the e-mail form below, and Shirley will respond to your request within three days. If you do not hear from her after that period, please resend your request, as it might not have gotten through the first time.

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Bible FAQs

Believing in Yahweh and His Son Jesus Christ and walking according to Yahweh's will is the only way to salvation (eternal life) for anyone who believes. Each person's eternal destiny is up to that person. Each of us has one decision to make: eternal life or eternal death?

Eternal life begins with the knowledge of Yahweh and Jesus, and that knowledge lies only in the Bible, the book Yahweh Himself wrote for our instructions and proper living. Please, if you haven't yet, pick up a copy of the Bible and start your journey into truly knowing God. The below Bible articles Shirley has written will help you understand some of the important topics you will read about.

About the Bible and Christianity...

How Can We Prove That the Bible Is Completely Accurate and Trustworthy for All Truths of Life?
Is Christianity an Institution to Hoodwink and Control the Majority?

About Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit...

Are You Created? Do You Know Your Creator by Name? Why Is It Important to Know His Personal Name?
Knowing the One and Only True God: Who Is He?
"The Father Is in Me, and I in the Father" - What Does This Mean?
Holy Trinity: Who Is God? Who Is Jesus Christ? How About the Holy Spirit?
Why Is It Important to Know Our Heavenly Father?
Faith and Believing in God: What Does It Really Mean and Involve?
Hallowed Be Thy Name: How Do You Glorify Jehovah?

About Eternal Life...

Eternal Life or Eternal Death: Which Will You Choose? How Can You Live Forever?
What is God's Purpose for Earth and Humans? Do You Want to Be a Part of His Divine Plans?
What Is Salvation? Why Did Jesus Christ Have to Die to Save Us? From What Are We Saved? Everything You Need to Know About Salvation in a Nutshell
Gift of Salvation: How Can You Accept and Keep It?
Want a Second Chance? More About God's Gift of Salvation, Everlasting Life, and Our Resurrection
Do You Know Our Greatest Hope? How You Can be a Part of the Eternal Hope - Features and Highlights of the Heavenly Kingdom of God
Do You Have an Immortal Soul? Will You Live as a Spirit After Death?
Eternal Hell: Where or What Is Eternal Hellfire? What Is Death?

About Living a Purposeful Life...

Yahweh God's "an Eye for an Eye": What Does This Principle Mean, and Does Jesus' "Turn the Other Cheek" Contradict It?
Be Kind to Your Enemies! But How and Why?
Sin: What Is It? How Can You Avoid and Treat It? What Rewards Will You Receive When You Conquer It?
Are Your Prayers Being Answered by God? If Not, Do You Know Why Not? Learn Hindrances to Prayers
Is Sex Dirty?
Want to Please Your Heavenly Father? Follow These Biblical Principles for a Holy Living
How Should We View Gay Marriage?
Hope for Homosexuals - Are Homosexuals Automatically Condemned?
How to Keep Your Marriage Holy
What's the Idol in Your Heart?
Are You a Sheep or a Goat? - What Makes a Christian "Christian"

About Humankind and the World...

We Are Created in the "Image of God" - What Does This Mean?
Where Did Evil Come from? Why Does God Permit Evil on Earth?
Battle Between Good and Evil: What Is It All About? Why Is It Necessary?
Breaking Your Trust vs. Almost Breaking Your Trust: The Adam and Eve Story
Why Do We Suffer?
Beware of False Teachers! How Can You Identify and Combat Their False Teachings?

Have Bible questions not answered here? Then ask Shirley or request a free Bible study via e-mail! She'll be more than glad to lead you to an answer. Remember, no question about the Bible is ever too small or stupid!

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Intro to the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: How Can You Start a Spiritual Garden to Grow an Everlasting Fruit?
Longsuffering (Patient Endurance)
Temperance (Self-Control)

Book on Christianity

Cover of Do You Love Jehovah? God Almighty's Infinite Love & Wisdom to Propel You to Greatness by Shirley Cheng, an inspirational book to guide you in deepening your knowledge about and your relationship with God. For both Christians and for those interested in Christianity and the Bible.

Cover depicts the vision of Jehovah God that the prophet Ezekiel saw as described in the Bible: “…the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone; and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness as the appearance of a man upon it above. And I saw as it were glowing metal, as the appearance of fire within it round about, from the appearance of his loins and upward; and from the appearance of his loins and downward I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness round about him. As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of Jehovah.” (Ezekiel 1:26-28, American Standard Version)

Do You Love Jehovah?
God Almighty's Infinite Love and Wisdom
to Propel You to Greatness

Embrace Jehovah to welcome ultra-ability!

An Appetizer to the Bible: Do You Know the Truths?

How can you delight in love warmer than the blazing sun, joy greater than swanning birds, and peace more serene than dancing doves? Waltz in harmony with Jehovah God Almighty and Jesus Christ to embrace all life's splendors.

Why are you here? Where will you go? Are your enjoyments merely passing pleasures or everlasting treasures? Your answer to one ultimate question determines whether you will discover and be a part of the most sacred purpose: Do you love Jehovah?

Besides answering life's colossal questions, Do You Love Jehovah? clears up some of the most commonly misunderstood teachings about the Bible--all by using guidance straight from the Bible itself.

This book is non-denominational; you can be assured that you will not encounter religious bias. The goal of Do You Love Jehovah? is to empower you to study the Holy Scriptures on your own to develop a lasting, sacred, fulfilling relationship with your Heavenly Father. Do you want to take up this most important mission you could ever undertake, now?

"In poetic prose Shirley describes the nature of God and the character of Christ with clarity, emotion, and passion. She boldly addresses traditional church doctrine giving her own personal insight and interpretation logically, using a common sense analysis. She includes foundational doctrines for living the spiritual life courageously with determined intention. In a concise, yet complete, Bible summary, Cheng covers important events and a review of the important themes of the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation." -Dr. Richard R. Blake for Reader Views, Doctor of Ministries, Former Instructor at Bay Cities Bible College


"...this book deserves to sit on the shelf next to the Bible...Shirley has all of the properties, emotions, logic and spiritual being that (Jehovah) was hoping to instill in each one of us.

Shirley may be in a wheelchair, but has walked the universe. She may be blind but see's the true color and beauty in the world, the people and in life. Shirley has found a way in her writing, to open our eyes to the world around us, the blessings bestowed upon us, the path to follow and the life that is yet to come." -Jan Hayner, Professional Organizer, Motivational Speaker and Personal Coach,


"(Shirley) could preach a sermon with the best of the 18th century preachers." -Laura Evans, United Methodist Church Pastor's Wife, Certified Instructor Journal to the Self®, (site up in September)


(Shirley's) ability to express her feelings, knowledge, and passion come through so clear in her writing--it is obvious she was born to teach and change people's lives.

Her grassroots story telling makes this book an excellent read for individuals who haven't made the time to read the Bible. She has clear and concise ability to pin-point the most meaningful and beneficial points to live by through the word of God.

Shirley's courage is contagious and I am envious of her passion and simplicity to explain her thoughts of faith in such a crisp and knowledgeable fashion. Shirley is a true leader where so many individuals fear to walk; a courageous teacher, her wisdom is fraught with urgency to reach others and spread her given talent. Where people lack to express their true feelings of God; Shirley's courageous soul is free to articulate her acknowledged belief system without judgment. I honor her experience of the Bible and respect her aptitude to express her commitment to God.

This book would benefit anyone who has feelings of loss, loneliness, anger, selfishness, and low self worth.

Great for children to learn the foundation their life was built upon." -Trish Lay, Life Coach, Speaker, Founder of Souls At Play Productions,


"...a Christian inspirational guide encouraging readers to look towards God for the guidance and help in their lives...well worth considering for Christian readers." -Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch


"Jehovah is not about a new shiny car or winning a political election, Jehovah is about eternal love and goodness for all. He wants nothing more for this world that He created than a spiritual balance and harmony.

Shirley Cheng's hopes are in passing to her readers an insight to a deeper knowledge of God's Word and Plan and also just maybe answer questions we all have pondered such as these:
• Have you ever wandered about the bible and its meaning?
• Why should I follow Jehovah's guidance and not some other religion?
• Who is really Jesus and what is his purpose?
• If Jesus already died for us, then why are we still being told we have a judgment day?
• Do you think we are predestined?
• Do you value your gift as it was meant to be valued?
• Is there really a hell or a devil?
• Who is Satan and his fallen angels?
• What is the meaning behind the 10 Commandments?
• Why is there so much suffering allowed in this world?"
-Dorothy Lafrinere, Women's Self-Esteem Expert,


"...a treasure of real answers that offer each of us a wonderful hope...a compelling read to move us to our part in the Divine purpose...a thorough witness to our Grand God, Jehovah." -Susanne Morrone, C.N.C. Author, Consultant,


"[Shirley's) common sense analysis of the Bible will shock mainstream Christianity. She arouses logical questions and presents answers based on the Bible..." -Maria D. Georga, MBA, Author of Killing the Cancer Beast, Greece,


"The dedication, the love, the joy and happiness which radiates from Shirley Cheng's writing is so pure, so inspiring, so enchanting that I must compare it to the beauty in The Song of Solomon." -Ragnhild Munck, Author of Days of Goodbyes,


"Shirley Cheng writes in the same manner she lives life: courageously. She is not afraid to tackle the tough questions we ask when we study the Bible, and she is not afraid to present the answers she finds therein. She doesn't worry about popularity or critics; she is all about the questions, the logic, and the Scriptures, as she understands them." -Carolyn Warren, Author, Mortgage & Credit Expert,


"Shirley Cheng's book is elegantly written. With simplicity and competence she answers the most important questions every human being sooner or later asks him/herself. Her faith in God, who she teaches us to call Jehovah, and her deep knowledge of the Bible, guides her pen and offers explanations to colossal mysteries such as the purpose of life, the place of worry, the value of success, the meaning of death, what is destiny. But most of all, I would recommend this reading, because of the joy of life and the gratitude she transfused in the book. At times, I felt the need to kneel in front of such total deep happiness, coming from a person that knows suffering very well. Now, in times of crisis, we only hear lamentations. Read this book and you will learn how to thank God for every breath we take each day." -Maria Caterina Capurro, Life, Business & Sports NLPTM Coach, Italy,


"Anyone facing life's adversities, uncertain and looking for encouragement, hope, a pathway to faith and a spiritual connection, MUST read this book." -Gladys M. Anderson, M.Ed., CTACC, LMFT, Empowerment Coach,


"...a wonderful source of direction for those seeking truth." -Robin Hardy, Business Consultant, Motivational Expert,


"I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know how to form a more lasting relationship with their Creator." -Jessica James, Award-Winning Author of Shades of Gray,


"Shirley Cheng provides a solid foundation for understanding the Christian doctrine in a clear and easy to understand way, dispelling many of the misunderstandings people commonly have about the words of our Lord. Moreover, she stands as a beacon of light, a shining example to everyone, that no matter what excuses we may think we have, we can still walk in the path of righteousness." -Bill White, The Synchronicity Expert,


"Shirley Cheng in deciding to write about a sometimes difficult subject to get the regular person to read about, has done so in a simple yet powerful way. Anyone wondering about Scripture or going through reading the Scriptures themselves can benefit by experiencing Shirley's views." -Liz Cosline, Author, Life Ownership Coach,

Preview the First Chapter of the Book "The Beginning of Wisdom" Here

ISBN: 9780578000794
377 pages, Trade Paperback

Buy an autographed copy here:
You save $7 from the regular retail price!

Or buy the Ebook Edition here. The ebook is Amazon Kindle Edition. Note: The ebook may not be compatible with screen reader JAWS for the visually impaired.

Would you like to learn more about Jehovah God, His plans and purpose, and our future and mission? Would you like to develop and maintain a sacred, fulfilling, lasting relationship with our Heavenly Father? If you do, get a copy of Do You Love Jehovah? God Almighty's Infinite Love & Wisdom to Propel You to Greatness to start your journey in knowing the great Creator and being a part of His plans for us.

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